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Tag Heuer Replica Watches

Tag Heuer Replica Watches' leather marquetry watches combine traditional artisanal skills with watchmaking expertise.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches is known for its leather products made with exceptional artisanal skills, ever since the 19th century when it began supplying bridles to European nobles. The brand has remained true to its equestrian heritage, proudly displaying the emblematic horse-drawn wagon in its company logo. Tag Heuer Replica Watches has been in the watchmaking business since 1978,Tag Heuer Replica Watches when La Montre Tag Heuer Replica Watches was founded. Tag Heuer Replica Watches's high-end mechanical watches combine the latest technology with whimsical, unique creativity. Tag Heuer Replica Watches has recently showcased their craft mastery once again by combining leather marquetry with watchmaking expertise to create elegant timepieces. These were for the Arceau and Slim d'Tag Heuer Replica Watches collection.

The dial of the new Arceau Cavales is covered in leather marquetry. It comes in two different versions in Tag Heuer Replica Watches reds and blues. The dial is dominated by the horse motif from Tag Heuer Replica Watches' Samarcande Chess Set.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches uses a variety of leathers, and each is suited to a specific bag collection. Each type of leather has a unique name, which is only used by Tag Heuer Replica Watches. Each name refers to a specific type and style of leather, from Barenia to Togo. For the dial on the Arceau Cavales, the leather would need to be more flexible to cut up and dye in accordance with the different shades of colors. Swift is a soft, fine-grained leather that was discontinued in 1999,Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica but reintroduced by the brand in 2005. The smooth exterior of the leather allows for light to reflect off its signature red and blue hues. Each piece is 0.5mm thick and inlaid by an adhesive. It's strategically designed to prevent two pieces of the exact same colour from being placed next to each other.

The asymmetrical Arceau Lugs reinforce the added details in curvature, giving the watch an playful look. The self-winding calibre H1837, first seen in the Dressage Watch in 2012, is hidden beneath it all. The Arceau Cavales leather marquetry dials are limited to only six pieces per version. This is a first for the French maison and also marks the first time this age-old artisanal method has been applied on a dial.